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July 19, 2008

This is my first post, and I will talk about the QEdje project that will be presented next month in Akademy 2008 at Belgium.
The QEdje is a scripting language used to separate code from interface and to speed up the development of applications with beautiful interfaces.
The basic idea of the project is to port the original Edje (used by EFL – Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) to Qt. We, at INdT (Nokia Technology Institute), are planning to release a QEdje version with basic supports probably on the beginning of the next month.
Our plan is to give full Edje support until the end of the year for Qt. To have the same facilities that we had using Evas/Edje in our last projects, like Canola for example (

The great thing about QEdje is that we can combine the best of both worlds. Using Edje to create beautiful interfaces and still using Qt widgets embedded whenever necessary (for example: inputs, webkit browser, …).

Some of the bottlenecks that we are still facing resides on Qt Canvas. Most of the code generates a great overhead on small devices like n800, and to reach a performance near to the Evas performance, some optimizations must be done inside Qt code. But the great news is that INdT and Trolltech are planning to create a code camp for us, probably in September at Norway.

A small show case developed using QEdje: