Some public projects I have worked on


QEdje is a port of Edje (EFL libraries) to the Qt framework. It was a pioneer in providing a declarative language support for Qt. At that time, the only way to create GUI applications using Qt was using a desktop oriented API with an imperative approach. The project was presented in the Akademy 2008 at Belgium and impressed several developers. It can be considered the precursor of QtQuick in that sense.

The language provides an easy way to create fluid animations and astonishing UI. It also detachs code logic from UI specification, making it easy to work in parallel with designers. Follows a showcase application, in the format of a presentation, showing a bit of its power:

The project is deprecated and it’s not maintained anymore. Currently QtQuick is the official and most powerful way to do the same kind of applications.


Canola2 is a media center application for Nokia tablets used to consume media in a very simple and fast way. It was the most downloaded application for N800 and N810 tablets in 2008. It has an appealing design and a great architecture that supports multiple 3rd party extensions. It was a pioneer application inside Nokia, highlighting the great power of using a declarative language for UI development.

The application provided a photo gallery, a video player, a music player, photocast client, videocast client, podcast client, YouTube client and a client. I’ve contributed in the widget toolkit and I’ve also created the YouTube and clients. See the official site.

The Incredible Circus

The game is a casual 2D game action whose the player is a stuntman who has to pass through the obstacles reaching the final platform. It was elected the game of the year in 2011 through Nokia platforms and it was among the 20 best mobile applications worldwide, being nominated to the Mobile Premier Awards 2012. It’s a 5 stars game with more than one million downloads across 190 countries around the world. It was considered the most downloaded brazilian application at Nokia Store ever.

The game started as a pet project and it was funded by Nokia later on. The team was composed by me and two designers (Glaubert Oliveira and Raphael Socrates). It was developed using the C++ and QtQuick, providing a smooth experience on Nokia devices.

Qt Mobile Demos

This is a set of showcase demos for the Qt framework provided in QtLabs. It was meant to show the power of QGraphicsView and QtQuick1.
It’s composed by the HyperUI application, Mobile Weather, ShoppingList and MyBudget. The source code can be found at gitorious.

Moreover a simple game was introduced showing how to use QtQuick to create simple games.

Rask browser

This is a proof of concept browser, created in 2 days. It’s a lightweight mobile browser with great UI and a fluid navigation. It’s partially written in C++ and part in QML and the source code is open.


A small game engine to create 2D games using QML. It provides a sound abstraction layer to play low latency sound using QML API, a sprite engine to manage animations and states that can be integrated with Box2D and a particle system. I’ve developed this engine using C++ and Qt. The source is open and under LGPL license.


A mobile game targetted for N9 devices that I’ve created together with a designer, in just 3 days, for a private portfolio. It’s a simple runaway game. It was developed with QML and Javascript using the Expresso QML API to handle states, sounds and animations. The source is open and under LGPL license.

PathWind from Glaubert Oliveira on Vimeo.


A widget toolkit for QtQuick applications. It provides ports to Desktop, Symbian and Meego platforms. The source is open and under BSD license. Currently, N9 uses the Meego components and the desktop port is still an ongoing project.

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